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How Should I Dress for my Hearing?

Although most workers’ compensation claims are resolved completely through paperwork exchanges, a claim can sometimes not be resolved without court intervention. When this happens, the Applicant must appear in court for their hearing.  If you have never been to court before, the prospect of entering a courtroom can be intimidating. Although court at the Industrial Commission of Arizona is somewhat different and less formal than most courts like Superior Court how you appear in court can impact your case.  It is important that you respect the Judge and dress appropriately for your hearing.


Men should wear pants slacks if you have them.  A button up collared shirt and long sleeve, if possible.  Men should be groomed and appear as if they just did not wake up from bed.  Men should not wear makeup unless it is makeup meant to cover a tattoo that cannot be covered by clothing.


Women need to dress conservatively as well, but they have a few more options than men have. Women should choose knee-length skirts or pants. A conservative dress with pantyhose and heels is also appropriate for court.

Women should choose neat, conservative hairstyles. Women can wear more jewelry, but should also opt for demure pieces. Women who choose to wear makeup to court should opt for natural-looking makeup that enhances their features, rather than calling attention to the makeup itself.  Women should also not have long nails and be well groomed.

Both Genders

Certain sartorial rules apply to both genders. These rules include:

Work with an Experienced Arizona Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If your workers’ compensation claim brings you to court, it is critical that you go to the courtroom prepared for the occasion. If you are unsure about whether an outfit or an element of an outfit is appropriate to wear to court, talk to your workers’ compensation attorney about it before your court date. Our team of Phoenix workers’ compensation attorneys at Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC has ample experience in the courtroom and can advise you about how to dress and behave while in court. Contact our firm today to set up your initial legal consultation with us.