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Reopening Your Closed Workers’ Compensation Case In Arizona

In Arizona, Worsening Symptoms Could Reopen Your Workers’ Comp Case
Those seriously injured on the job in Arizona may be awarded “supportive care” — an exercise of your right to return to your physician several times a year to receive medications or other minor treatments for flare-ups of the residual injury. Your claim will remain closed, but your treatment is authorized.

However, if your medical condition is ever found to present a new, additional or previously undiscovered problem from the time the claim was closed, your injury claim may be reopened for more medical care to treat that condition.
This necessary reopening of your case begins the process for payment of medical and disability benefits all over again.

If the effects of a past workplace injury have returned with a vengeance, limiting your ability to work to your full potential, our experienced Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC, law firm can pursue a reopening of your case, so you can receive the benefits you need.
Chad Snow, Xavier Alexander Carpio and Erica Gonzalez-Melendez are skilled workplace injury attorneys who care about you. They recognize your need to continue providing for your family. They bring their legal knowledge and years of experience to the job of protecting your rights.

Discuss the details of your potential case reopening with us in a free consultation. If your injury prevents you from visiting us in Phoenix, we can come to you. Call toll free: 855-325-4781.

Suffering a Persisting Injury or Deteriorating Medical Condition? Snow, Carpio & Weekley Attorneys Can Help

In Arizona, no statute of limitations exists that would prevent the reopening of your workplace injury claim case. You have a lifetime right to reopen it and to request your previous case’s file papers from the Industrial Commission of Arizona.
As with your original injury, you are encouraged to report its recurrence as soon as possible. You should also be examined by a doctor who will seek proof of the returned pain or limitations you are experiencing.

We can thoroughly review your prior work injury case to determine if reopening your case is appropriate. We have consistently gotten results and achieved justice for our injured worker clients, since 2000.

Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC, serves clients in Arizona cities throughout Maricopa County and Pima County. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.
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If your health has worsened, we may be able to reopen your workers’ compensation case. Speak with a Snow, Carpio & Weekley lawyer. Contact us by toll-free phone call today.